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 How do I reset the password to DataMax if I forget it?

The password to DataMax is the password seen when you click the Change Connection button in the Admin Tool.  This is also the same password you see when you navigate to Edit>Local Settings>DataMax Location.

 If you cannot remember the correct password, you can use resetpass.vbs available from the link below to reset the password back to "administrator".

1) STOP all of the MailMax Services except the DataMaxDB Service.  (MailMax Services: DataMaxDB.NET, HouseKeeping, Imap Service, Outbound Queue Service, Pop3 Service, SMTP Service)

2) Go to a command prompt and run resetpass.vbs to reset the password.

3) Open the MailMax Admin, click 'Change Connection' and enter "administrator" as the password. You will now be able to successfully connect to DataMaxDB. 

4) Now you MUST change the current password of "administrator" to something else. Click on Host Password and specify any password you like. Click OK.

5) Start all of the MailMax 5.5 Services.

Examples of usage:

This file MUST be run from a command prompt.

Result: "Successfully changed password to 'administrator'

If you would like script responses to appear in the console instead of pop up windows, please use the cscript command.

Example: cscript resetpass.vbs

If you are using your own SQL Server, you will need to open resetpass.vbs with notepad and edit the code.

ConnectionString = "Provider = SQLOLEDB.1; Data Source =\MAILMAX5; Initial Catalog = MailMax5; Integrated Security = SSPI"\MAILMAX5 needs to be changed to the IP address of your SQL server.

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